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Anonymous asked:

sure ... just anyone who sticks out to you.

SUN OF ATLAS answered:

None did, but that is because I am never looking for something to stand out. I never looked for someone who had qualities I preferred to another because I did not compare person to person. Of course you cannot ignore the physical facts that some may he gifted in features but I was never selective. I became friends with everyone I interacted with daily and never really looked for more. I would say that each person I got to know well had incredible features psychologically. Some really beautiful people in the mind. But I dont place them higher or lower than any other. They are not standing out against any one I know today. Its not that I am bored or emotionless towards people, really the opposite. It is a thousand times more exciting when you can really capture the movement of someone entirely exactly as they are. Its really one of the most interesting things. It helps the imagination grow as well.

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